Pillowflex, a Georgia based company, has been a family-owned business for over 35 years, with a vision to provide and distribute the highest quality pillows in America. Pillowflex takes pride in its high-quality American manufacturing and products.

The company is passionate about creating high-end products at affordable prices. With its top-of-the-line facilities, Pillowflex is able to manufacture over 4,500 pillows a day and is looking to expand operations within the US.

Do you have an idea for a pillow? Pillowflex can make your ideas come true. Any pillow size and style, either square, rectangular or bolster pillows.


Higher Order Value


Increase in Sessions


The Challenge

Amazon Re-Selling Products – Pillowflex is a well-known brand. Thanks to the quality of their pillows, they are well positioned in the customer’s mind; however, sales on Amazon were not reflecting this. Amazon started to re-sell the returns they got as used, which meant that customers were receiving subpar pillows that were used and not living up to Pillowflex standards.

Creative – The brand was experiencing a lot of returns as customers didn’t know which size they needed and how to select the pillow insert that would look the best for their sham.

PPC – There were only Sponsored Products campaigns running, and no strategy to add more advertising styles.

Catalog –  Amazon mixed the parentages, type of pillows, and some were not displaying the correct sizing on the product page.


The Approach


The Results

  • The average order value has grown by 25%
  • ROAS of 9-to-1, which is well above Amazon’s average.
  • Amzexact has successfully made Pillowflex a key participant in the throw pillow category on Amazon.
  • Pillowflex has committed over a 1 million dollars investment to increase production for 2023 and keep up with demand.

How Can We Help?

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Our Services

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