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Our typical client sees:

  1. A growth of 2-10x in sales within the first 3-6 months of working with us.
  2. A decline of more than 10% in TACoS within 1-3 months of working with us.
  3. An increase of 2-3x in their happiness levels. 🙂

On the call, we'll do this:

  1. Identify where you are.
  2. Identify where you want to reach.
  3. Strategize a step-by-step plan to help you reach your goal. All this while keeping in mind sales increase with a profitable ACoS.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Book your Amazon Success Call.
  2. Fill in the details required while booking the call. Try not to skip any details. This will help us prepare well for the call.
  3. Show up for the call on the said date & time. This will ensure we can take your Amazon business to the next level.


Amzexact Team has been an absolute game-changer for our Amazon business. Their comprehensive knowledge of Amazon Seller Central and their strategic approach to product optimization have significantly boosted our sales.”

Jake Kosten Brand: BBox

“The team is highly professional, responsive, and proactive in managing our Amazon Seller Central account. Thanks to their expertise, our products have gained better visibility, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition.”

Ben Cullen Brand: Life Sciences Pharmacy

“I can’t thank Amzexact Team enough for their outstanding support. Their deep understanding of Amazon’s algorithms & effective marketing strategies have catapulted our products to the top of search results. Highly recommend”

Marsha Brand: The True Glory

“Malkeet & Team has been instrumental in optimizing our Amazon presence. Their attention to detail, thorough keyword research, and compelling product descriptions have significantly improved our conversion rates. Their expertise is second to none!”

Saloa Aguirre Brand: Boiess Colognes

“We are extremely impressed with the results delivered by team. Their dedication to driving sales, managing inventory & monitoring competition has helped us stay ahead on Amazon. Their expertise & professionalism have exceeded our expectations”

Sian Richards Brand: Sian Richards London

“Malkeet’s Team has been a reliable partner in our Amazon journey. Their ability to identify growth opportunities, manage PPC campaigns, provide insightful analytics has allowed us to make informed business decisions. Highly recommended for scaling Amazon sellers.”

Grace Brand: Grace & Company



Skyrocket Revenue

We handle tens of millions of Amazon sales each year. Last year, we touched $52 million. With so many sales, we surely know how to scale brands on Amazon.  


All Amazon Market Places

We have expertise in operating in all Amazon marketplaces. Hence, expanding your Amazon empire globally or in a particular marketplace will be easy for us.  


Increase Conversion Rates

Are you aware of the fact that our client’s average ad conversion rate on Amazon is above 20%? And the overall average conversion rate is more than 57%. 


Proprietary Techonology

Invested time & effort to develop & refine our proprietary Amazon Ads strategy, tools, & reports. Managed $8.5 million in ad spend in the past year alone. 


Client Portal

In this dedicated portal, you can see all the tasks we’re currently working on, add new tasks, see reports, see invoices & even pay them – all in one place.  


Not Just an Amazon Ads

We know success on Amazon means looking at it as 1 entity. And we understand that we cannot succeed in ads performance by neglecting how our listing looks.  


Communication is key

We prioritize over-communication at the start of our work relationship to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs & deliver the solutions you require. 


Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a full Money-Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re unsatisfied with any task we completed, we’ll refund the charge to you. No questions asked.  


Successful Amazon exits

So far, we’ve assisted in acquiring 6 accounts by external investors & venture funds. We played a role in elevating them from 5-figure sales to 6 – 7 levels. 

Who is AMZEXACT for?

Who is AMZEXACT not for?

Limited slots available. We work with a limited number of brands at a time. Once our openings are closed, we’ll not be able to help you take your Amazon business to the next level.