Store Management

There are millions of sellers selling their products on Amazon, and those products may or may not be your own. Selling your products online means that you are competing with all the sellers around the world. We have a full functioning team for account management, So you can free yourself up to plan and monitor your business growth. From small tasks related to your store to high scale tasks, our team provides full-scale solutions to the sellers connected to us. We are a team of experienced and certified Amazon Consulting Experts who know Amazon inside out. When your efforts end, our efforts begin. 

Save time by taking Amzexact Account Management Services.

1. Seller Central Store Management

On Amazon Seller Central platform, our experts assist in listing products on Amazon, optimizing product listings, managing inventory, and processing customer orders. We support online retailers, selling through (United States), (United Kingdom), (Canada), (France), (Germany), (Spain), (Mexico), (Italy), etc. Our rich array of Amazon Seller Central Management Services includes all the tasks from A-Z.

2. Vendor Central Store Management

We have a full-fledged team for handling Amazon Vendor Central Management. Our aim is to give the best results to both manufacturers and suppliers to increase revenue. The AMZEXACT team works in managing the catalogs, making sure that the content is easy to understand and accurate and so much more.

  • Management of inventory
  • Product listing optimization
  • Order management
  • PPC

3. FBA Product Management

Fulfilled by Amazon is a service offered by Amazon, providing warehouses for storing products. With these Fulfillment Centers, sellers can streamline customer support services. Sellers pay a monthly fee to Amazon for product storage. The AMZEXACT team handles creating shipments on Amazon and maintaining inventory records through monthly reports. By effectively managing inventory, we can optimize sales.

4. Account Health Management

Taking care of your Amazon account health is one of the major priorities and maintaining the account properly is the most important task. With the help of the Amzexact team, you can free up a ton of your time. Our team focuses on the six major parameters such as Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, Late Dispatch Rate, Valid Tracking Rate, On-Time Delivery Rate, Return Dissatisfaction Rate, Invoice Defect Rate. Our team creates a good plan of action to prevent your account from suspension.