All Seasons Gazebos

All Seasons Gazebos (Rohen Ltd) specialises in the creation of robust and resilient gazebos, as well as finely crafted Chef’s Knife sets. 

Selling in the UK and EU, the company prides itself on its commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality that are not only durable but also accessible in terms of affordability.


Global Amazon Markets

  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon USA

Revenue Increase YoY


AOV Increase YOY


Decrease in TACoS

The Challenge


The Solution

 To achieve Rohen’s business goals, we knew we had to:

Our strategy was to:


The Work

With our Amazon marketing strategy laid out, we then:

  • Incorporated key terms into the Title, Bullet Points, and Back-end Keywords, thereby enhancing their visibility and ranking potential
  • Implemented A+ content starting with their top sellers with the highest chance of ranking high organically
  • Redesigned their Brand Store for a more seamless customer journey
  • Implemented Brand Story content across the entire product spectrum, thereby articulating the brand’s narrative
  • Reorganised the portfolio by product line to easily spot high-performers and monitor underperforming products
  • Implemented a full-funnel ad strategy encompassing various ad types to increase brand awareness and foster product consideration
  • Expanded their coverage in key placement positions and search results for relevant terms
  • Escalated advertising activities during promotional periods when conversion rate is at the highest to increase sales velocity

EU Expansion

After two months of working on the Amazon account in the UK, Rohen asked us to manage their existing Gazebo vendor accounts in Germany and Italy. 

It was the first time the company has sold Gazebos in the marketplaces in partnership with Amazon.

In taking over these accounts, we:

The Results

As a result of our strategy, we saw, YoY:

  • 46.8% increase in revenue
  • 40.5% increase in orders
  • 4.5% increase in AOV
  • 3% decrease in TACoS
  • Achieved Amazon’s Choice Badges between gazebos and knives products
  • Made the Top 5 of Best Sellers Rank for Gazebos

EU Expansion

Rohen’s products are sold and fulfilled by Amazon, working directly with the marketplace as a vendor. As such, their key goal for their European accounts is for Amazon to reorder for the year ahead.

In order to ensure this happens, Rohen must sell enough products throughout the year. Because of the overall success of our work on the German, French and Italian accounts, Amazon agreed to reorder for 2024 across the EU marketplaces.

How Can We Help?

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