It’s estimated that the average office worker spends around 1,608 hours a year at a desk, that’s the equivalent of 67 whole days! Acknowledging this fact along with the rise in remote work, Wolvende was launched in late 2022 to fill a gap in the premium office accessories market.

Frustrated with the lack of quality office accessories available, particularly after a disappointing experience with a felt desk mat, Wolvende decided to take matters into their own hands. They aim to design and create quality office accessories that can withstand the rigors of modern working, starting with their flagship product, the Premium Felt Desk Mat. The brand launched on Amazon UK in January 2023, Amazon USA in November 2023 and Amazon EU in January 2024.

Global Amazon Markets


Increase in Revenue


Increase in ad CVR


TACoS Maintained

The challenge


Wolvende’s biggest challenge centered around the premium price point of their desk mats, initially set between £35 and £45. The market was saturated by similar products within the £15 and £25 price bracket, creating a competitive landscape that made it challenging for the company to break through and gain market share.

The situation was further complicated by the brand’s new presence on Amazon. Without a track record of positive customer reviews, it was difficult to convince shoppers that the desk mats were worth the higher price tag. 

In light of these challenges, the project was defined with three key objectives:

  1. Scale the brand profitably by maintaining a TACoS of <25%
  2. Build social proof by accumulating at least 30 5-star product reviews
  3. Prepare for future marketplace expansion



What we did


What services did we provide?

The Solution

Wolvende came to Fluid as a blank slate; their Seller Central account had been set up but no product listings had been created. 

From here, our strategy comprised of:

Amazon Brand Registry Application Assistance 
This free program is a must-have if you’re looking to differentiate your products in an oversaturated market. 

FBA Shipment Assistance
Assisted in setting up the first FBA shipment to leverage Amazon Prime, aiming to expedite the launch phase and improve organic rankings.

Keyword and Competitor Research
Utilized Brand Analytics and a third-party solution to conduct extensive keyword and competitor research.

Derived insights into crucial and opportunistic keywords to include in product listings.

A+ Content Creation
Developing A+ Content to enhance the visual appeal and informativeness of the product listings.

Brand Store Creation
Launching an Amazon Brand Store to provide a dedicated space for showcasing Wolvende’s product range.

Review Generation
Enrolling selected units into Amazon Vine to kickstart the review generation process.

Manually requesting customer reviews.

Advertising Strategy Implementation

Implementing a comprehensive advertising strategy using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

Tailoring ad formats to capture customers at different stages of the shopping journey, from initial awareness to the final purchase decision.

Focusing on increasing visibility in top searches, brand protection, and gaining market share from competitors.

Pricing Strategy Adjustment
Analyzing customer feedback and adjusting the pricing strategy based on perceived value for money.

Advised the client on the potential benefits of a more competitive pricing strategy.

Despite potential impacts on margins, the decision was made to offer Wolvende Desk Mats for £28.95 to £38.95, aiming to increase order volume and overall profitability.

The Results


As a result of our strategy, between January 2023 and October 2023 we have:
  • Maintained a TACoS of 23.12%
  • Achieved more ad impressions for the term ‘felt desk mat’ than any other competitor
  • Elevated the brand to #14 in the Desk Mats & Blotters category
  • Defended the brand by achieving over 95% of ad impressions for branded terms
  • Grown advertising conversion rate from 5.1% in month 1 to 7.3% in month 10
  • Achieved 37 4-star and 5-star product reviews

Driven by these extraordinary achievements, Wolvende has been inspired to expand the business globally, with the initial focus set on the United States. 

The flagship Wolvende desk mat collection made its debut on Amazon US in October 2023 and within a mere two months, the results have been nothing short of remarkable


Overall revenue has surged, reaching a level comparable to the UK account:
  • TACoS stands at an impressive 26.31%
  • The return rate is low at 4.3%
  • The conversion rate is healthy at 4.6%

How Can We Help?

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